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How to Dye Wedding Shoes

It can be really hard to find just the right pair of wedding shoes. Even after you’ve found an amazing design, with just the right heel and straps, the color may not be right. Isn’t it always the way? Perfection is hard to find in life. So you are probably wondering how to dye wedding shoes.

Just think, no more wedding shopping after you’ve found just the right pair. You’d spend more in gas, time, and heartache to find the design you love in another color, if you could find them at all. With a wedding to plan, you’ve got a lot of things to think about besides shoes. But you can’t rest until you get just the right pair, of course.

Fortunately there are many companies that offer the service of dyeing your wedding shoes for a small  fee. They can usually match your handbag, dress, or other color swatch to make your color scheme co-ordinate. Or, you can attempt the job yourself.

The dyer will need something to work with, though.

There are lots of options for providing the servicer with just what they need to match the color to your exact specifications. You know how it is, sometimes getting close to the color but not exact can be worse than a sharp contrast. The dyer can work with a color you request, perhaps something you’ve seen in bridal magazines.

But best of all is a swatch you provide with just the shade of pink you were aiming at. Or, perhaps that blue that is not quite Robin’s Egg but a little lighter than Sky Blue is what you’re aiming for. Whatever the shade may be, if you can supply a sample, the dyer can match it.

With computer controlled techniques, a sensor can judge the precise shade. No need to depend on someone’s subjective talent. After all, they may see that shade slightly different than you do. But with a colorimeter the computer can detect the exact shade of your sample. The dyer then ‘dials’ it in and voila! You have a perfect match.

Not all materials absorb dye the exact same way, though. Satin shoes are a great choice for this technique, since they can be dyed to your exact desired shade. It’s best to start with white, to provide a neutral background for any dye application.

Remember, too, that the shade can appear slightly differently in different lights. To make sure you get (and got) what you want, check the sample and shoe under various lights. Fluorescents will tip the scale a little bit. Incandescents will do better. Best to use natural sunlight, though, even if you plan to have your ceremony indoors.

Knowing how to dye wedding shoes to the shade you want will allow you to have the exact right color for your chosen scheme. Now, on to those pesky hundred other wedding planning things to think about!

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