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Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet Flowers

Choosing your Bridal Bouquet Flowers is an important part of your wedding day preparation. Plan ahead and consult with the florist or suppliers to be sure that you can get a good quantity of flowers in the colors you want for your special day. Before meeting with the florist look through a lot of magazines to get inspiration on what colors you like and the level of formality you want to go for.

When you buy your flowers from a commercial florist they will come trimmed, arranged in nice containers with appropriate greenery and generally will be delivered to the venue and set up. Consult with local florists and be up front about your budget. Then if you decide you want to save money by doing the flowers yourself, keep all these tasks in mind.

Consider the time of year that you are getting married when picking your flowers and choose flowers that are in season and readily available. Don’t plan a rose-filled wedding around Valentine’s Day or you’ll pay a premium.

Simpler designs and less exotic flowers will be less expensive. A single large orchid can make a stunning bouquet for the bride, as can a basket filled with wildflowers.

To have your flowers look their most beautiful you will want to be arranging them the day before the wedding, so have the scheduling done for the flowers to arrive no more than 2 or 3 days prior to your wedding and have the time allocated for the trimming and arranging the day before.

Choose a color palette and select bridal bouquet flowers that are in season that fit that palette.  Keep in mind the “extras” like greenery, Baby’s Breath, Eucalyptus, Evergreen sprigs, etc that are a necessary part of any flower arrangement.

Depending on the season of your wedding, you can pick beautiful bouquets from your own garden, or elicit help from friends and family who have green thumbs. If you want specific flowers, plan ahead and get the type and colors you want in the ground early.

Locate wholesale florists in your area. Check to see if you can buy your bridal bouquet flowers direct and what their minimum quantities are.  If you go with a wholesaler, ask how long it will take for the flowers to open—they will probably need a few extra days.