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Wedding Dress on a Budget

Is it really possible to find a wedding dress on a budget? Finding the perfect wedding dress is the most important thing to many brides so finding the perfect wedding dress on a budget, can be difficult!  It is not an easy task but as long as you  know how to do a little research you should be able to get a wedding dress that you love, at a price that won’t break the bank!

The first thing you need to do is decide on your preference of the design of the dress.  Most brides are up on the latest designs because of the bridal magazines and bridal shows that are put on to showcase the latest trends and fashions.  A bride can, and usually does, make it a special occasion to go out with their bridesmaids, and or their mother, to check out the availability of the dresses that they prefer to wear.

Once a dress design or style has been chosen, the most important thing you can do to get your wedding dress on a budget is to use some of the  multitude of tools at your disposal to do price comparisons.  Prices can be compared in person, in the stores, in the magazines, or online.  Once you have a rough idea of the style, the cost of the dress, alteration costs and the accessories, you can easily reduce the overall cost.  You can do this by asking about the store’s policy on sales, coupons, or discounts, for purchasing multiple items such as the bridesmaids dress and accessories, at the same time.  There are even stores that will allow a payment plan or lay-away plan; allowing the purchaser to pay the cost of the dress over time.

There are some great discount bridal stores out there; again, it pays to check out their ads, their discount programs, and compare those to other outlet stores available to you.  A wedding dress may be able to discount the price by combining a coupon with a sale; or, maybe a dress is being discontinued; possibly, a bride could save money by buying the dress of her dreams out of season.  These are all wonderful, money saving opportunities.  Some brides do not have a strong need to own their dress.  That bride might consider renting her wedding dress along with the tuxes for the wedding party.

If you sews or are fortunate enough to know someone who does then you have an even greater opportunity to save money.  Start out by picking the pattern.  The dress can be made elaborate or not according to budget and sense of personal style.

Another great budget saving idea is to check out vintage clothing stores or look online at sites such as EBay.  A favorite idea of mine is to wear a bridal dress of friends or family members.  A one of a kind dress can be created by taking a bridal dress that was previously worn and adding some updated decorative trimmings.   This money saving technique adds an additional benefit;  the perfect wedding dress on a budget can be created for the bride by combining a dress that she loves, along with a deep emotional connection to the previous bride who wore it.  It also means that you can cross of your “something borrowed” from your list.