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Choosing a Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. The wedding gown is central to all the fantasies of every little girl. From the time they are collecting and ‘mothering’ their dolls they are beginning to envision the excitement of their wedding day.

This might be because wedding gowns are usually so elegant and feminine. It probably also has a lot to do with fantasies about being a princess and a Cinderella, the most beautiful creature at the ball! No one can hold a candle to her beautiful appearance, much like a bride at her wedding.

Modern day brides sometimes opt for something a little simpler. Sometimes simple can be even more elegant than the classic wedding gown with the very long train, which may even seem gaudy to today’s working women.

If brides are fortunate enough to have an antique family heirloom they would probably love to wear their grandmother or mother’s wedding gown. Much of the elegance that the modern day fashion industry designers create is based on the ‘heritage’ or ‘retro’ models of the past. Certainly fantasy princesses must also come to their minds as well.

Wedding gowns of old included many layers and dimensions of satin, lace, beads, ribbon and covered buttons. The veils were correspondingly ornate and ever so dramatic. What fun this would be to wear!

Certainly, tradition need not be a requisite to choosing a wedding gown, and not just the bridesmaid’s can wear colors all the way to black, but even the bride. This may seem weird to some, but black is a very dressy, very classic fashion statement. The fashion design industry has recently declared that wearing black is the number one fashion statement once again.

However, the majority of wedding gowns are probably white, or ecru, a very fine off-white, or eggshell. This ‘absence of color’ is the perfect contrast to be at the center of many pretty pastel bridesmaids’ dresses and the wedding flowers. All of these various combinations must be kept in mind when designing a wedding. The groom and grooms men cummerbunds and buttoniers must also match or contrast well with the chosen color scheme.

Choosing a wedding dress can be difficult, so you need to think about different stylesand whether or not they will suit you. Wearing a short wedding gown is an option, with beautiful matching hosiery and shoes, for a very modern and sophisticated look. A wedding veil for this option could be no more than a ‘pillbox’ type hat, with a short veil. Another possibility for this look, could feature the veil as an elegant component; the veil may be quite long with an ornate headpiece, such as a large silk flower.

This is the happy couple’s day, and they may forego the pomp of a traditional wedding. Quite a lovely idea in this case would be the intimate garden wedding. The bride might be quite properly dressed in a wedding gown that is a peasant style, with a beautiful floral wreath on her head, and flat ballerina slippers.