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Wedding Dress Color Meanings

Are you considering doing something a little bit different and going for a colored wedding dress? If so, you may want to know the different wedding dress color meanings. Wedding dresses of different colors give out different psychological messages. Throughout history, symbolic meaning has been attached to different colors of wedding dresses, so  not surprisingly, some of these meanings will be more appropriate then others

Here are the different wedding dress color meanings:

Green – Green is another color of nature, associated with the environmental movement and with the spring season. It  symbolizes calmness and relaxation, harmony, well-being, honesty and freshness.

Red – Red is hot: warmth, love, excitement and desire, but also anger and danger. It is associated with speed, daring, strength and bravery.

Orange – Orange is associated with ‘cheap and cheerful’. Enthusiasm, a bargain, also creativity.

Brown – Brown is an earthy color of course and strongly associated with nature and the fall season. Solid and reliable, relaxing, comforting and honest, it also suggests qualities of endurance.

Black – Black was another expensive dye in the past and so like purple, it is associated with elegance and sophistication. Worn well it can be very slimming. On the other hand it is worn for mourning in the western world and therefore it is linked psychologically with death, negativity and depression. It is also the color of the illegal activities of the ‘black market’, linked with dishonesty and unfaithfulness.

Purple – Purple was traditionally the color of royalty. It has meanings of nobility, prosperity, luxury, elegance, sophistication, mystery and magic.

Yellow – Yellow gets our attention! That’s why bright yellow is used for safety clothing and for highlighting text. Associated with summer and the sun, it speaks of energy and enthusiasm, hunger, optimism and happiness. However, it is also linked with cowardliness.

Gray -  Conservative and traditional, gray is associated with intelligence and seriousness, but it is likely to be seen as dull and boring unless you brighten it up with striking accessories in another color.

Blue – Blue speaks of professionalism: honor, loyalty, trust, dependability, stability and peace. Associated with winter, it is generally a cold color and can imply boredom and depression.

Finally there is the traditional color white, which symbolizes purity, innocence, simplicity and virginity. In the past it was often felt unsuitable for a widow to wear a white wedding gown and she would more often be remarried in a shade such as ivory or cream.

Now that you know all the wedding dress color meanings you can be sure to get the right color for you!