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How to Sell a Used Wedding Dress

Did you know that Princess Diana’s spare wedding gown sold for 100,000 pounds ($173,500) to a private U.S. bidder at an auction in London recently? You may not have plans to ever sell your wedding gown, but should the occasion arise (such as expenses or lack of storage room), here’s how to sell a used wedding dress.

First of all, be sure to have your wedding dress professionally cleaned  as soon as possible once the wedding is over. Be sure to choose a cleaner that specializes in cleaning this types of garment. Next, purchase a container to store the wedding gown in if your garment cleaner doesn’t seal it in airtight material. The container that you select to store your wedding gown will need to be airtight as well. Just be sure that the container isn’t plastic. Plastic containers can trap humidity and eventually damage the contents inside of them. Once your wedding gown is returned from the cleaners, inspect it to ensure that it’s thoroughly clean, pressed, and it looks as if it were brand new. If not, return it to the cleaners and ask them to repair any discrepancies that you find. If, however, everything is fine, store it in an upright position until you’re ready to sell it.

When you’re ready, shop around for a store that is willing to sell your used wedding dress for a commission. The storeowner that you select will inspect the dress to ensure that it’s clean and in good condition. As long as the wedding gown is in good condition, the storeowner will assess the overall style of the dress and its age to determine a good selling price. You may have to take your dress to several shops before you find one willing to work with you.

Once you find a storeowner willing to work with you, you will sign a contract for about three months. If the wedding gown is sold within that three-month period, you should receive fifty percent of the selling price. If the wedding gown fails to sell within three months, both you and the storeowner can agree to extend the contract or to end it.

Of course, if you’re familiar with using the Internet and have some experience with online sales, you can skip consignments shops altogether and sell it yourself from your own website. Or, you could even auction it off on E-bay!

Hopefully this will help you understand more ahout how to sell a used wedding dress. Good luck with it!