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High Heeled Wedding Shoes

Why, oh why, do we torture ourselves with high-heeled shoes? Simple, silly. Because we know they look great, and we look great wearing them.

If you have a long wedding dress the effect of high heels (not to mention the shoes themselves) may not be visible walking down the aisle. But they will be when you pose for photos, lift the hem to remove a garter, or just sit to have that wedding meal at the reception.

Whatever the purpose, nothing looks quite like a pair of high heel wedding shoes. They define the very word ‘elegant’. The shoe itself is a style that simply is like none other. And, oh my, what they do for your legs!

Sure, high heel wedding shoes (like any other high heels) are going to be a little harder to walk in. But we’re used to it. We know that a pair of high heels is the only way to go when you want to slant that arch and firm that calf, or just gain some height.

You worked hard to gain those nice legs. Show them off! To do that to best advantage a high heel works like nothing else. It tenses the calf muscles, making them a delightful round that will perk up even a jaded groom. If he hasn’t paid you a compliment in days, he will now.

They’re especially good for gals who are, shall we say, a little on the wee side. Not everyone is as tall as Elle MacPherson, darn it. But good things come in small packages and sometimes those bundles just look better with a little bit of extra height.

Of course, what is a high heel to one woman is low to someone else. Lucky for you, you have a whole range of heights to choose from. A pair of six-inch stilettos might be a little extreme for wedding shoes. But those elegant two-inch high-heeled wedding shoes with ankle strap are just perfect. And, if you happen to be getting married in Vegas, those stilettos could be just the thing, after all. The sky, literally, is the limit.

You don’t have to sacrifice style to get height, either.

Want an open toe? No problem. Prefer something with a little more support up front, given that your foot is pushing forward? Easily done. Every color and style imaginable is available in a high-heeled version. You don’t have to limit your choices. It’s your wedding and you can have what you want.

Did you ever think your ankles could look so good? Do you want to make all that work at the gym pay off? Would you like a little extra height? Go for a high heel wedding shoe and get all that in just the style you prefer.